• There should be a running docker/docker-compose installation on your system.

  • Provided docker-compose was tested on a ubuntu system.

git clone
cd rdf-pub/
git checkout tags/0.0.6 -b main
cd devEnv/guest/independent/
docker-compose up

Note: Replace the tag with the newest availabe Release


Getting an Account

First you have to register on the keycloak instance, therefore start your browser and goto:

  • http://localhost:8080/auth/realms/LOA/account/#/

  • Click on Sign In on the upper right.

  • Click on Register on the bottom of the appearing dialog

  • Fill the form and click on Register

  • Open MailHog: http://localhost:8025/

  • Open the Mail Subject: Verify email and click the verification link.

  • You are redirected to keycloak. Registration is done!

  • Start a console and send a curl:

curl --location --request GET 'http://localhost:8081/.well-known/webfinger?resource=acct:<username>'
  • ^ replace <username> with the username you used while registration or your email address.

  • You should get an answer like the following:

    "subject": "acct:tester",
    "links": [
            "rel": "self",
            "type": "application/activity+json",
            "href": "http://localhost:8081/actor/831da9b5-a293-47bd-889d-228e4ef4f91e"
  • links.href contains the url of your action in rdf-pub.

  • rdf-pub does not yet know you as an actor, so your profile will not be publicly available yet. You have to log in once and call up your profile so that rdf-pub can "get to know" you

  • Therefore open postman, and create a new GET request there.

  • copy the links.href url and put it in your newly created postman GET request.

  • Goto the Authorization tab and choose OAuth 2.0 as Type.

  • On the right fill in:

  • Click on Get New Access Token

  • Click on Proceed

  • Click on Use Token

  • And now you can click on Send to request the actor profile.

  • Because you ha not specified an Accept type, you get JSON-LD. You can also request text/turtle, if you add a Accept header attribute with value text/turtle.

  • From now on, the profile of that actor should be publicly available.