I was testing with Evan Prodromou’s ap

There are currently some irregularities in our models that need to be corrected. We are working on that.

Independend from keycloak

I have made rdf-pub independent of the oauth2 provider. All dependencies to keycloak have been removed. his opens the way for several oauth2 providers. I plan to let the client/actor decide which Oauth2 provider to use

Changeable actor profile

At the moment i’m working on making the actor profile changeable. a few basic changes are necessary, as i hadn’t planned for the actor to be able to change his profile.

Documentation within the application

I have worked on publishing the documentation, it is now easily possible to start it with the application.

~/git/rdf-pub$ mvn site:site site:stage
~/git/rdf-pub$ cd rdf-pub-spring-boot/
~/git/rdf-pub/rdf-pub-spring-boot$ mvn spring-boot:run

The result (currently ugly) is online: https://dev.rdf-pub.org/content/index.html

Architecture refactoring

In the last weeks i did some architecture refactoring: